Alexander Arrangement of Elements
3D Illustrated Periodic Table Model Assembly

Replacement for the
Printed Assembly Notes of the model kit

START Putting the AAE Together

Needed: 5 large wire paperclips, scissors, a short pencil, glossy finish transparent Scotch tape (matte finish tape shows badly).

Light coming from behind over your shoulder will help light the model at the end of the assembly, when working black on black with clear tape.

scoring for block defining bends
1. Take all paper kit parts from the sleeve.

taking apart the table and connectors
2. Separate carefully at the cuts for smoother edges of the model.

putting period ends back together
3a. Punch out 3 chads by Group 1

defining the blocks with bends at the scoring
3b. Punch out 2 chads between 2 & 3

the central periodic table gap is closed
3c. Punch out chads along the bottom

before the f–block is inserted
4. Roll up the Hydrogen strip for safety

1. Remove contents of sleeve.

2. Separate all die-cut sections

Save the 3D periodic table sketches, the de Chancourtois material, and the photos (for reference) of various views of the model.
Put aside all except the 2 sections with element data/photo boxes.
Put the small section aside and place the larger section - the s-, d-, and p-blocks - element photo side up.

Punch out, with a paperclip, the small center 'crescent shaped' chads in the vertical slots as follows:
      3a. by the fold crease at the beginning of the periods at Group 1; near Beryllium on the left end of the Hydrogen strip; and at the small flap crease next to Boron

      3b. ...also low on the interface between the Groups 2 & 3

      3c. ...and from horizontal slots in the bottom white strip where there are (sometimes multiple) slots under groups 1, 2, 3, 4, 11, and 12.

4. Roll the extended Hydrogen strip up to about a 3" to 4" diameter and paperclip it together - front and back - above Fluorine, and turn the whole section over, black side up, bottom toward you.

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