Alexander Arrangement of Elements
3D Illustrated Periodic Table Model Assembly

Replacement for the
Printed Assembly Notes of the model kit

PINCH the F-block into Teardrop Shape

H finds several homes in the AAE
1. Find the pinch 'device'

the central periodic table gap is closed
2. Flip small retainer flap

before the f–block is inserted
3. Fold flap's other end

Scaffolding of the PT
4. Device joins loop ends

H finds several homes in the AAE
5. Slide & tuck to grab

the central periodic table gap is closed
6. Align and clip below

the central periodic table gap is closed
7. Carefully tape over top

The f-block gets a teardrop shape with a device that pinches, aligns, connects, and hides. Later this method is also used with the d-block.

1. Place the f-block black side up, bottom toward you, flap A top left.

2. Fold flap A forward at the crease, and down, similar to the d-block pinch device.

3. Fold A's extension B to the left. (Rub creases hard with back of fingernail for a sharp bend.)

4. At the other end, fold flap C forward and down.

5. Bring the f-block right end over the left, A and C flaps face to face.

Slide C left and back to tuck and trap B underneath to finish the pinch. From both sides, align end tabs at both top and at Ce and Th.

6. Align end edge, end tabs, top, and bottom, paperclip bottom together below Th.

7. Align and apply a tape square over top and both sides at Ce/69.

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