Alexander Arrangement of Elements
3D Illustrated Periodic Table Model Assembly

Replacement for the
Printed Assembly Notes of the model kit

FORM the D-block into a Teardrop Shape

1. Start building d-block loop device

scoring for block defining bends
2. Folding second device section

taking apart the table and connectors
3. Loop forming device completed

putting period ends back together
4. Clip top and bottom of col. 4

defining the blocks with bends at the scoring
5. Flip all and bend B and Al flap

As you formed the f-block into a teardrop shape with a pinch, so will the d-block device pinch, align, connect, and hide itself. It joins the Main Group after column 2, bringing to meet column 13 (Group IIIb).

1. Fold E forward and down, and then E's extension, F, folds left. (Burnish all folds hard with back of fingernail for a clean bend.)

2. At the other end, fold flap G forward and down, then lift and swing the G end over to the left - putting F and G flaps face to face, looping the d-block.

3. Slide G left and back to tuck and trap F below.

4. Paperclip the top over Titanium and at the bottom edge under Hafnium.

5. Bend the tab down by Beryllium and burnish the fold. Then turn over and bend the flap by Boron and Aluminum under and burnish the fold.

NEXT - P- and D-block meet at neXus

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